Using Teaching for Deepening Your Own Knowledge

03.10.2019 - 5m read - learning knowledge teaching

This post is my take on how I have used teaching as a tool for improving and deepening my own knowledge on several topics.

A CLI Gitlab MR-Creator in Rust using Hyper and Git2

03.09.2019 - 45m read - Rust Gitlab hyper git2 git

This post showcases a small CLI tool written in Rust using both synchronous and asynchronous execution flow.

The Tale of the Missing Read Handler in Go

06.08.2019 - 5m read - Go WebSockets Gorilla Bug

This is the story of a bug hunt featuring Gorilla WebSockets, Go and a confused programmer (me) :)

Asyncifying an Actix Web App and Upgrading it to 1.0

20.06.2019 - 20m read - Rust Actix Futures Async

In a previous post, we created an Actix 0.7 Web App, which was not fully non-blocking. In this post, we'll become fully non-blocking and upgrade the app to Actix 1.0

RabbitMQ Cluster Configuration for Kubernetes

22.05.2019 - 12m read - rabbitmq kubernetes cluster

This is an example configuration of a RabbitMQ cluster running in Kubernetes

Examples for Prometheus Alerts

21.04.2019 - 6m read - prometheus ops alerts

These are some of the prometheus alerts which have been useful in my (limited) experience.

A Basic Web Application with Rust and Actix-web

07.04.2019 - 23m read - rust actix web timeular

As a first little project in Rust I thought I'd do something familiar, so I created a small web application, which we'll check out in this post.

Syntax-Highlighting from a Markdown source in Go using Chroma

23.09.2018 - 8m read - golang go syntax-highlighting markdown chroma

This post shows how to create syntax-highlighted HTML from a markdown source using the chroma Go library.

Scrolling Endpoint with Kotlin and Spring Boot

16.09.2018 - 12m read - kotlin spring-boot web scrolling

In order to fetch huge amounts of data in a sane way, it often makes sense to scroll through the data instead of requesting it all at once. In this post, we will create a simple implementation of such a mechanism using Kotlin and Spring Boot 2.

Log Deletion on ELK stack using Go

15.09.2018 - 13m read - Go Golang ELK

This post will show a simple Go program for deleting old logs on the ELK stack.