Elasticsearch to Prometheus Exporter in Go

05.07.2018 - 14m read - Go Golang elasticsearch prometheus ops

This post describes how to create a server in Go, which provides data from Elasticsearch for Prometheus to consume.

WebSockets with Kotlin and Webflux

17.03.2018 - 8m read - kotlin websockets boot reactive webflux spring

This post shows a small example of a Kotlin Webflux application handling WebSockets communication.

Creating a Basic GraphQL API with Go

04.03.2018 - 13m read - Golang Go graphql

GraphQL is a powerful concept and this post will show how to translate an existing REST API to GraphQL using Go

Playing around with Kotlin and Spring Webflux

03.03.2018 - 11m read - kotlin boot reactive webflux spring

This post shows a small example of reactive web-programming in kotlin using the great new Spring Webflux framework.

Creating an iCal feed with Go

17.02.2018 - 11m read - golang go ical ics

In this short example we'll create a cached iCal feed with Go for a fake REST API

Basic Role-Based HTTP Authorization in Go with Casbin

05.01.2018 - 16m read - golang go auth http casbin

Casbin is an authorization library for Go, which supports several access control models. In this post we will take a look at a simple HTTP example featuring basic role-based authorization.

HTTP File Upload and Download with Go

10.12.2017 - 7m read - Go Golang file http upload download

One of Go's big upsides, for me, is its simplicity. This post shows another example of this, implementing a basic HTTP File Up- and Download using just the standard library.

Basic AST Manipulation in Go

10.11.2017 - 6m read - Go Golang ast

Traversing an AST (Abstract Syntax Tree) is useful for analysing and understanding a code-base, but the real power comes when we are able to manipulate it, which allows us to build tools. This post shows a simple example of how to manipulate the AST in Go.

Ethereum Prepaid Transactions with Go

If ethereum or any other smart-contract platform is ever going to reach mainstream, a mechanism for people without holding cryptocurrency is needed. While there are efforts to achieve this in the future on ethereum, this post shows a workaround using a Go webserver.

Interactions between Smart Contracts with Solidity

08.09.2017 - 8m read - blockchain ethereum smartcontracts solidity

The ability for Smart Contracts to call other contracts can be quite useful for several use-cases, which will be described in this post.