Database Migrations with a Rust Web Service

22.05.2020 - 7m read - rust database migration refinery warp

In this post we'll look at the refinery library and at how it can help us create automatic database migrations in a Rust Web Service

Using Ubuntu on a Macbook Pro 2016

22.04.2020 - 6m read - ubuntu linux macbook

I haven't been happy with my Macbook and OS X for a while, so I decided to switch to Linux - this post shows how to run Ubuntu on a Macbook.

JIRA OAuth 1.0a using Rust

21.03.2020 - 25m read - rust oauth jira rsa sha1

In this post we'll look at how a very basic OAuth 1.0a implementation can look like in Rust.

Rust HTTP Testing with Mockito

03.02.2020 - 17m read - Rust http testing mockito

In this post we'll be taking a look at the mockito rust library for mocking HTTP requests in order to write integration tests for a web-service

Synchronized Asynchronous Job Runner in Rust

18.01.2020 - 19m read - Rust Async job runner web

In this post we'll implement a basic asynchronous job runner, which synchronizes job runs among several instances using Redis.

Minimal Nginx Access Log Analysis

10.01.2020 - 3m read - nginx logs linux goaccess

This post shows my minimal setup for analyzing the logs of this Blog using GoAccess and some unix commands.

No Ads, No Tracking, One Roundtrip

20.12.2019 - 6m read - ads performance tracking blog

In this post we'll look at the rationale behind making this blog as fast and lightweight as it is and why there are no trackers and/or ads present and why they never will be.

Async-Awaitifying a Rust CLI App

23.11.2019 - 33m read - Rust Async Futures

In a previous post I showed an example CLI application in rust dealing with HTTP and Git. This post will show how to use the new async/await syntax to improve it.

Using Teaching for Deepening Your Own Knowledge

03.10.2019 - 5m read - learning knowledge teaching

This post is my take on how I have used teaching as a tool for improving and deepening my own knowledge on several topics.

A CLI Gitlab MR-Creator in Rust using Hyper and Git2

03.09.2019 - 44m read - Rust Gitlab hyper git2 git

This post showcases a small CLI tool written in Rust using both synchronous and asynchronous execution flow.